This has become possible due to the financial support provided by the United Nations Development Programme and the Global Environment Facility within the framework of UNDP-GEF project № 00059042 “Strengthening Protected Area System of the Komi Republic to Conserve Virgin Forest Biodiversity in the Pechora River Headwaters Region”. 

The monograph contains data on the evolution of the mesooligotrophic bog Medla-Pev-Nyur within the Holocene and the rate of peat accumulation in different landscapes, as well as a description of the vegetation cover and the diversity of micromycetes in the peat deposit. Carbon stock mapping results and the results of the measurements of the CO2 and CH4 exchange between the bog and the atmosphere made using different measurement techniques, including methanogenesis and methane oxidation processes in the peat layer in different parts of the bog and daily and seasonal variability of energy exchange indices in the surface layer, are also considered in the monograph. The book is intended for experts and students in the field of biology or ecology, or biogeochemistry.