Source: BNKomi

The establishment of a new protected area (PA) in the Inta region has been unanimously approved in the course of public consultations. The project was developed on the basis of the materials of the integrated area survey conducted by the Institute of Biology, Komi Science Centre, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Chernorechensky reserve is part of the draft KR PA development concept up to 2030. It is based on the principle of taking account of the local community’s interests, when regimes and boundaries of the reserves make it possible to apply traditional forms of nature management such as mushroom picking, berrying, recreational hunting and fishing, and fishing for sport.

According to Roman Polshvedkin, Senior Deputy Minister of Industry, Natural Resources, Energy and Transport of the Republic of Komi, the Concept aims to optimize the protected area system of the Republic of Komi. Some areas are of no importance anymore as the assigned tasks have been achieved. These areas will be eliminated. Some protected areas will be consolidated, and a number of new protected areas will be established on the basis of the same principle of making it possible for the local community to use traditional forms of nature management. This will increase the total PA area in Komi from 13% to 15%.

The Chernorechensky complex reserve will be created on the basis of the Intinskoe marsh reserve. According to scientists, its establishment will contribute to filling in the current gaps in the regional network of nature reserve fund objects, conservation of wetlands, which are important for waterfowl reproduction, as well as to organizing and conducting long-term permafrost and environmental monitoring of palsa bogs. The area of the reserve will be 25.5 thousand ha.

In addition, the natural monument Adz’vinsky will be eliminated in the Inta region. It will become part of the Adak state nature reserve. As a result of this, the area of the Adak state nature reserve will be over 3,000 ha. The area of the natural monument Lemvinsky will be increased up to 75 ha. This measure is considered as necessary to conserve Red Book plant species such as prairieweed and snowdon rose, which grow in this protected area. On the proposal of the scientists from the Institute of Geology, Komi Science Centre, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, the natural monument “The Key Section of the Boundary between Lower and Upper Parts of the Permian System” will be called “Kozhimrudnitsky”.

A draft decree of the Government of the Republic of Komi on the establishment of the reserve will undergo a state environmental expert evaluation and will be further submitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation for approval.

If the project is approved, there will be 12 regional protected areas with a total area of almost 40 thousand ha operating in the Inta region.